“Low Vision Aids Offer Improvement in Sight for Millions” – Invision Magazine

Clinical Expertise

Feb 3, 2021

Recently, Dr. Jordan, who heads up the Brooks Center for Low Vision Therapy, was featured in an Invision Magazine article. Check out a sneak peek and click the link to read the full article.

The latest technologies and devices could mean increased visibility for 9% of Americans.

THE VISION COUNCIL estimates there are 23.4 million U.S. adults with low vision impairment and conditions, or about 9 percent of all U.S. adults, while around 3.8 million adults act as caregivers for these people. Based on feedback from both caregivers and people self-reporting low vision impairment, about 44 percent frequently use a low vision aid; another 17 percent wear an aid “occasionally” and about 20 percent have used low vision aids at some point in the past. They estimate that 14 percent of adults who experience low vision impairment currently do not wear, and have not worn in the past, a low vision aid to improve their sight.”

Read the full article at InvisionMag.com.

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