Certified Nurses Day – March 19th

Clinical Expertise

Mar 19, 2021

Brooks Rehabilitation celebrates Certified Nurses Day on March 19 by honoring all of the board-certified nurses on staff.

Specialty certification of nurses plays an increasingly important role in maintaining high standards of care for patients and families. Nursing has become increasingly complex. While a registered nurse (RN) license provides entry to general nursing practice, the knowledge-intensive requirements of specialty nursing requires extensive education, and a strong personal commitment to excellence by the nurse.

Brooks Rehabilitation encourages certification for all its nurses. Many nursing certifications exist, such as Rehabilitation (CRRN), Wound Care (WCC), Heart Failure, medical-surgical and case management.

Please join our Nursing Leadership Teams and the nation’s national nursing certification organizations in honoring these hardworking, dedicated nurses for their professionalism and a job well done!

The following nurses are being recognized for their professionalism, leadership, and commitment to excellence in patient care:

Name Specialty Certification Division
Joanne Hoertz CRRN Corporate
Felecia Hudson CRRN,CCM Home Health
Bryan Murphy CRRN Inpatient
Susan Novotny RAC-CT Aging Services
Kim Farmer CRRN Inpatient
Tracy Simpson RN-BC Home Health
Shari Andrews CRRN Corporate
Kerry Nowroozi CRRN Inpatient
Aida Purisic CRRN, WCC Inpatient
Leny Pasicolan CRRN Inpatient
Jean Velarde CRRN, WCC Inpatient
Sharon Pesek WCC Inpatient
Jasmine Reyes CRRN, WCC Inpatient
Cheryl Levesque CRRN, CHPN Inpatient
Pam Vitale CRRN Inpatient
Carroll Castro CRRN, WCC Inpatient
Brittney Defau CRRN Inpatient
Sherry Meyer CRRN ,CBIS Inpatient
June Tecson CRRN Inpatient
Jamie Young ONC,WCC Inpatient
Cara Nelson CRRN Inpatient
Rosario LaFrence CRRN Inpatient
Carrie Franklin CRRN Inpatient
Kim Bruin WCC Aging Services
Jennifer Redcloud CRRN NL
Andrea Brumsey CRRN Inpatient
Jenny Franklin WCC Home Health
Carrie Blackwelder WCC Home Health
T. Jones-Vereen WCC Home Health
Gina Fungcharoen CCRN Home Health
Jean Camperson CRRN Inpatient
Corinne Romano CRRN,CENP Inpatient
Holly Medearis CRRN Inpatient
Emily Geiger CRRN,CBIS, WCC Inpatient
Lisa King RAC-CT Aging Services
Connie Bell CRRN ,CBIS Inpatient
Melissa Douglas CRRN Inpatient
Angela Jordan CRRN Inpatient
Jim Edwards CRRN , RN-BC Inpatient
Susy Landin CRRN Inpatient
Orapin Lee CRRN Inpatient
Amela Tahirovic CRRN Inpatient
Lisa Emerson CRRN, WCC Inpatient
Juanita Castle WCC Inpatient
Jillian Schofield CRRN Inpatient
Kim Acosta CRRN Inpatient
Carmen Colon Capo CRRN Inpatient
Diana Allen CRRN Inpatient
Lindsay Amador WCC Inpatient
Cigale Sterling CRRN Inpatient
Aida Kosorcic CRRN Inpatient
Amy Gustafson CRRN Inpatient
Meredith Broner CRRN Aging Services
Steve Zynga WCC Aging Services
Gloria Miranda RN-BC Aging Services
Twiquilla Favroth CRRN Inpatient
Mariebeth Zablan CRRN Inpatient
Ruby Justiniano WCC Home Health
Gayle Mills WCC Home Health
Kara Spoerle WCC Home Health
Leota W Burch WCN Aging Services
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