Price Transparency

At Brooks, we want to make it easy for you to understand the costs of care at our hospitals and ensure we are meeting current federal regulations for price transparency.

On this page, we have outlined some important information to help you understand the gross charges of specific hospital services. 

Our charges do not include physician fees. Physicians will bill you separately for their services. Physicians may or may not participate with your insurance plan and may or may not participate in the same health plans as Brooks Rehabilitation. 

Please note, these gross charges are not an indication of patient responsibility. For a billing estimate, reach out to the inpatient business office at (904) 345-7630.

Hospital Pricing Estimates

Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital – University Campus

Master Charge Sheet 

Shoppable Services 

Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital – Bartram Campus

Master Charge Sheet 

Shoppable Services 

Halifax Health | Brooks Rehabilitation – Center for Inpatient Rehabilitation

Master Charge Sheet 

Shoppable Services 

Pricing updated April 2024

Brooks Charges & Price Estimates 

Our business office can provide you with standard charges for services within each of our facilities. Your final bill from Brooks Rehabilitation will vary depending on the actual services provided and existing health conditions that may impact your care and insurance coverage if you are insured.

Brooks Contracted Medical Group 

We are contracted with the Physical Medicine Specialists, Inc,  Brooks Rehabilitation Medical Group. This medical group participates in the same health plans as the Brooks Rehabilitation hospitals.


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