VIDEO: How to Choose the Right Toy for Your Infant

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Apr 23, 2021

Medical Reviewer: Kate Devalario, PT, DPT, PCS
Last Updated: May 21, 2021

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Kate Devalario, pediatric physical therapist, and today this video is going to answer one of the most common questions I receive from caregivers, which is, with all the toys out there these days, which ones should I be buying for my infant?

From birth to three months of age, your infant is looking for high contrast toys, such as black and white cards that should be held somewhere between 10 and 12 inches away from the infant in order to have good visual acuity.

From three to six months of age, rattles that have multiple sensory experiences, such as lights, sound, and different textures on them, are a great way to stimulate play.

Six to nine months of age, your child enjoys banging toys together, moving them between hands, and exploring the toy overall. Something such as a stacking toy that can also transform into another object is a great way to stimulate play.

And finally, at nine to 12 months of age, your child is going more for a cause and effect type toy and things that allow for social interactions, such as peekaboo. A great cause and effect
toy is a switch toy that opens with the operation of a switch that also stimulates fine motor development.

I hope you found this video helpful and be on the lookout for other videos from the Brooks Pediatric Team.

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Medical Reviewer

Kate Devalario, PT, DPT, PCS

Pediatric Physical Therapist
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