Spinal Cord Injury

Brooks is offering telehealth visits with all of our outpatient clinics as well as with our physician medical group. For outpatient, please call our Central Intake Unit at (904) 345-7277. For Brooks Medical Group, please call (904) 345-7373.

A spinal cord injury (SCI) can be a devastating experience that can affect any person at any age. The overall goal of an SCI rehabilitation program is to provide the comprehensive care and support that is needed to successfully transition a person to home.

At Brooks Rehabilitation, we have more than 50 years of experience in helping spinal cord injury survivors and their families through the recovery process. We offer an individualized plan of care focused on each patient’s specific goals after a spinal cord injury.

Comprehensive Spinal Cord Injury Support

Our spinal cord injury program is one of the only state-designated treatment facilities for spinal cord injuries in both children and adults, offering the most innovative, scientifically supported treatment available. Our comprehensive system of care offers everything you need to address each stage of spinal cord injury recovery, from inpatient programs to long-term community re-integration, with seamless transitions along the way. Our spinal cord injury programs at Brooks include:

Expert Spinal Cord Injury Team

Our highly trained Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Team understands that recovery means adapting to a new way of life, and takes a compassionate approach focused on providing the physical, cognitive, emotional, and medical attention needed to maximize our patients’ recovery. By collaborating with patients, their loved ones, and other experts on our team to design treatment plans specific to each patient’s recovery needs and goals, our patients are empowered to achieve their highest level of recovery.

Our expert clinicians regularly conduct clinical research and present their studies as leaders in the field of spinal cord injury recovery. All of our SCI therapists have the opportunity to take part in ongoing training through the Brooks Institute of Higher Learning, allowing them to continually enhance their education and further their understanding of developments in the field that can help our patients.


At Brooks, we offer the best spinal cord injury rehabilitation technologies available, allowing our clinicians to help each patient reach the highest-level of recovery and participation in life.

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We have a brand new Spinal Cord Injury/Disorders Day Treatment Program.