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2020 Engagement, Innovation, and Impact (EI2) Grants

Clinical Expertise

Oct 31, 2019

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2020 Engagement, Innovation, and Impact (EI2) Grants

Brooks Engagement, Innovation, & Impact (EI2) Grants provide financial support for Brooks employees to engage in activities that promote innovations in rehabilitation practice, have a positive impact on patient outcomes and foster professional development. 

The Brooks EI2 Grants are co-sponsored by the Brooks Institute of Higher Learning (Brooks IHL) and the Brooks Rehabilitation Clinical Research Center (BRCRC). The Brooks EI2 Grants are provided annually with total of $50,000 in funding provided per year. 

The following projects have been selected by a review board and were awarded:

Measurement of Visual Acuity in Adults with Brain Injury: Screening and Threshold Measurement

Team Lead – Katelyn Jordan

Collaborative Team:

Sarah LaRosa

Ben Thompson

Adam Podmore

Brooks Concussion Program: Development of Clinical Research Infrastructure

Team Lead – Sarah Lahey

Collaborative Team:

Nata Salvatori

Russell Addeo

Josh Barge

NeuroSymphony – An Interdisciplinary Music Making Pilot Program for Persons with Aphasia

Team Lead – Danielle Porter

Collaborative Team:

Megan Bewernitz

Jodi Morgan

Thank you to all who submitted a proposal, and congratulations again to the awardees. We look forward to seeing the impact these projects will have on our patients, profession, and rehabilitation practice.

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