Brooks Honored for Employee Wellness Initiatives


by John Weidner | May 17, 2016

Brooks Rehabilitation was recently awarded the First Coast Healthiest Companies PLATINUM Level from the First Coast Worksite Wellness Council, Inc. (FCWWC). This is the fourth year Brooks has received this highest attainable level. The award is an indicator of our dedication to providing Health and Wellness activities within the workplace.

Brooks Rehabilitation Jacksonville Wellness

At Brooks, we’ve made a commitment to improving the health of not only our patients, but our employees too. The Brooks Wellness Program incorporates a variety of education and activities that help employees engage in healthy behaviors. The focus is on key areas such as awareness of personal health, increasing physical activity, stress reduction, and healthy nutrition.

Knowing your numbers is the first step to improving your health. Brooks provides free on-site biometric screenings to employees to check blood pressure, HDL/total cholesterol, and other indicators. These numbers help guide wellness programming throughout the year. Participation in these screenings increased from 52% in 2011 to 91% in 2015!

Employees then use a “passport” to earn wellness incentives by accumulating incentive points throughout the year. This program is designed to recognize and reward employees who are currently practicing healthy behaviors and those who wish to improve and make behavioral changes to best benefit their health.

Fun, competitive challenges focused on areas where improvements were needed, as identified in health assessments and biometric screenings. These included a “Maintain Don’t Gain” challenge for weight management, “Eat the Rainbow” to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables and “Stress Bingo” to incorporate stress-reducing techniques.

“We are humbled and excited to receive this award again and plan to work diligently to maintain our Platinum standard. It confirms that we are continuing on the right path with our wellness programming. Participation in the Wellness program goes way beyond winning an award. It plays a key role in the improved health of our employees,” said Jennifer Smith, Benefits Manager.

If you are interested in finding out more information about available opportunities to be a part of the Brooks team CLICK HERE.


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