Debby Macaluso-Rust Honored with Spirit Award

Debby Macaluso-Rust Honored with Spirit Award

Clinical Expertise

by admin | Jul 20, 2015

Brooks Rehabilitation is proud to announce that Debby Mancuso-Rust has been honored by HealthSource Magazine as their 2015 Spirit Award winner.

The Spirit Award is part of HealthSource’s annual “Celebration of Nurses” awards, and recognizes an outstanding Jacksonville nurse who has worked at their current employer less than 10 years. Debby was chosen from a group of several finalists from throughout the First Coast who were nominated by their peers. Brooks nurses Colleen Murphy and Aida Purisic were also named as finalists.

Debby started working at Brooks Skilled Nursing Unit at St. Vincent’s Southside in 2011 as a PRN RN four years ago.  Her value to the organization was quickly recognized, and she was promoted to Charge Nurse in 2013.  Here is a look at a few of the submissions that were provided Debby’s peers.

“She is a manager’s dream employee. She follows the rules and sets an example that others want to follow. Her charming personality makes her very likeable and easy to work with. “

“She has a way of empathizing with patients and their family members, gaining their trust and meeting their needs, and making positive outcomes for the patient and the staff. She is constantly reviewing and developing new ways to improve care delivery. She is the most well-rounded nurse I know.”

“She excels at identifying potential issues and concerns with patients, and communicating with the staff to effectively problem solve. She is proactive, and an excellent leader for the rest of the staff to follow.“

“She is very honest and compassionate. When there is a problem on the floor, she gets to the bottom of it. She listens to all sides and tries to come to a harmonious conclusion. She looks out for the staff by encouraging us to always think about safety for the patients, but also for ourselves. She makes sure the unit is covered adequately according to patient acuity, not just by the numbers. And she advocates for the staff and incorporates better ways to get the work done.”

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