Dr. Kerry Maher Promoted to Vice President

Clinical Expertise

by John Weidner | Aug 20, 2015

A key member of the Brooks medical team is being recognized for her accomplishments.

Kerry Maher, M.D. has been promoted to the position of Vice President of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R) Consulting and Physician Relations.  Over the past 10 years, Dr. Maher has become one of our most recognized ambassadors for Brooks in the community and amongst other physicians.

In her new role as Vice President of PM&R Consulting and Physician Relations, Dr. Maher will continue to 1) serve as the physician leader for admissions and referral building for all Brooks inpatient settings; 2) remain the physician champion for growing our regional and national prominence; 3) serve as adviser and consultant for the Complete Care program; and 4) continue to serve as the physician leader, mentor and educator for the Brooks Clinical Nurse Liaison team.

Dr. Maher has been responsible for opening many doors for Brooks through her physician relationships, partnerships and advocacy.  Serving as the Medical Director of Admissions, Dr. Maher has been responsible for leading, growing and mentoring the Brooks Clinical Nurse Liaisons team, which has resulted in unprecedented referral and admission growth for Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital, the total joint rehabilitation program at St. Vincent’s Southside, and most recently at Bartram Crossing.

She has inspired many innovative ideas for new programs that allow Brooks to better support our healthcare partners and our shared patients.  Some examples include: the diaphragmatic pacer program, disorders of consciousness program, cardiac programs including the treatment of patients with LVAD’s and life vests, and the pre and post-transplant rehabilitation program.  Additionally, Dr. Maher has become a sought after speaker both locally and regionally with frequent invitations to speak at meetings and conferences throughout the Southeast.

Please help us in congratulating Dr. Maher on her new role and the many accomplishments she has achieved for Brooks.

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