Conducting Research with Brooks Rehabilitation

The Brooks Clinical Research Center (BRCRC) is responsible for administrative oversight of all research activities related to Brooks Rehabilitation. If you are interested in conducting research that involves Brooks Rehabilitation, the first step is to complete a New Research Application by selecting the link below. The new Research Application serves as official communication to the BRCRC of your intent to conduct research involving Brooks Rehabilitation facilities, patients, and/or personnel. Once your application is reviewed, we will reach out to you regarding next steps.

A project application is required for all projects that:

  • are conducted at a Brooks Rehabilitation facility
  • are conducted on Brooks Rehabilitation patients or employees
  • involve a Brooks Rehabilitation employee as an investigator

Information that should be included in the application, at a minimum, is:

  • a working title for the project
  • the name and email address for the project contact person
  • a brief description of the purpose and plan for the project

Additional information based on the nature of the project application might include:

  • general information about funding source (if applicable)
  • information about grant application deadlines and funding periods (if applicable)
  • information about anticipated needs from Brooks Rehabilitation

If you are unsure if your project requires a project application, contact the BRCRC at [email protected].

Complete a project application here: New Project Application

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