Mindi Manes, PhD

Director of the Center for Outcomes Analytics and Research

Mindi R. Manes, PhD serves as Director of the Brooks Center for Outcomes Analytics and Research (COAR). Dr. Manes earned her doctoral degree in Public Health Sciences with a concentration in Epidemiology from the University of Illinois at Chicago. In 2015, she joined Brooks Rehabilitation to analyze outcomes of patients’ participating in the CMS Bundle Payments Care Improvement (BPCI) initiative at Brooks. Dr. Manes went on to successfully develop and lead the healthcare and business analytics department within the Brooks Center for Data Solutions. In 2023, Dr. Manes established COAR as a new research arm dedicated to advancing evidence-based and data-driven methods to support improved rehabilitation care and outcomes.  As Director of COAR, Dr. Manes’ research focuses on the integration of health informatics, data science, and research methodologies to enhance the Brooks’ Learning Health System (a dynamic system that continuously collects, analyzes and applies knowledge from clinical practice to improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes). Specifically, her focus is on examining health care utilization, quality, disparities, and outcomes as patients’ navigate through the post-acute care continuum.

Focus Areas

Dr. Manes has knowledge and experience with the following areas:

  • Learning Health Systems
  • Health services research
  • Quality Improvement
  • Translation and Implementation science
  • Data science
  • Patient outcomes across the post-acute care continuum

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