Wheelchair Clinic

The wheelchair seating and positioning clinic at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital offers people with mobility limitations a variety of seating and mobility options. The clinic is designed as a community service to provide expert evaluation by a therapist, who is an Assistive Technology Professional and Certified Seating & Mobility Specialist, to assess needs for custom seating, positioning and mobility.

A comprehensive wheelchair evaluation will be performed including functional status, postural evaluation and equipment assessment. Multiple manual and power wheelchair models are available from various manufacturers for trial. Recommendations for equipment will be made to optimize function, independence, skin integrity and postural alignment. A qualified equipment supplier (DME provider) who is ATP certified and specializes in complex rehab technology also will be present during the evaluation to ensure optimal outcomes and continuity of care throughout the process.

It is strongly recommended that you return to the wheelchair clinic for the delivery and fitting of custom equipment by our highly trained and specialized staff to ensure proper fit and function.

Specialty services also include:

  • Specialty control devices (alternative drive controls), including various head control systems, sip and puff systems, chin controls, switches and customized joy sticks
  • Pressure mapping to determine optimum pressure distribution for seat and back cushions. This is a computer-enhanced assessment tool to identify areas of the body at highest risk for skin breakdown, providing education and assisting in selection of appropriate cushions
  • Custom molded seating systems for clients who need specialized seat and back cushions for fixed postural deformities
  • Wheelchair training utilizing an obstacle course for functional and efficient mobility

Please call (904) 345-6827 to learn more about the Brooks Rehabilitation Wheelchair Clinic.

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