Body Weight Support

How does the Andago work?

The Andago is a unique body weight support system that allows the clinician to bring body weight support to the patient for walking training. The Andago offers total support through a lift harness and sensor system so that patients can begin walking confidently. It assists in natural walking with robotic sensors to understand a patient’s intended movement and actively follow as the patient moves around, while actively preventing collisions and falls. This allows a patient to progress naturally and confidently from supported walking on a treadmill to walking freely over ground.

What types of injuries or conditions can the Andago help?

The Andago is highly portable and smaller than a standard doorway, allowing both patients and clinicians to be able to focus fully on strengthening and improving in any environment without worrying about further injury. This portability makes it a perfect fit for patients in our assisted living facility at Bartram Lakes and at our skilled nursing facility at Bartram Crossing so therapy can easily begin directly in a patient’s room. It’s perfect for patients with limited mobility including geriatric patients, Parkinson’s patients and spinal cord injury patients who need help recovering their mobility.

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