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Adaptive Wellness: Everything You Need to Know

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Aug 31, 2022

As Wellness Month comes to an end, we want to share more information about our Adaptive Wellness Program. Experts from Brooks Rehabilitation have teamed up with YMCA’s in north and central Florida to offer an individualized and supervised exercise program for Stroke and Brain Injury survivors, as well as those battling Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis. The Adaptive Community Wellness Programs allow participants to stay active and continue to improve their health after completing formal physical therapy.

Current member, Mihail (Mike) Uzunovx, was discharged from outpatient therapy in 2017 and wanted to continue getting stronger. He joined the Wellness program after being discharged and hasn’t looked back since. We asked Mike a few questions about his involvement in the Brooks Adaptive Wellness Program:

How did you get involved in the Brooks Rehabilitation Adaptive Wellness Program?

I learned about the Wellness program after getting discharged from outpatient therapy at Health Care Plaza. We joined the YMCA to be able to workout and get my physical strength back. I wanted to be able to work on balance because my physical abilities were hindered by the accident, so joining the YMCA to work on physical wellness and get stronger was the next step in my recovery plan.

What is your favorite part of program?

The constant support from everyone around me. My mom who is also my primary caregiver and the staff here help me immensely. I also love the small group classes that they give here from time to time, especially balance and boxing. During COVID-19 lockdown, they never stopped offering activities and videos to keep us moving when we couldn’t see each other in person. I still use the videos they have recorded when I can’t make it to class in person.

Would you recommend the program to others in our community?

Absolutely! The Wellness program has been such a great help to me I know they can help anyone that joins. When asked by family, friends or strangers, “how did you get so strong after your injury and make such a great recovery?,” we always attribute it to the great care Brooks has provided at this program and the continuous support.

To learn more about how our Adaptive Wellness Program can help you, call (904) 451-3580 or e-mail [email protected].

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