Compassionate Connected Care

Clinical Expertise

Apr 29, 2016

Our clinicians work with a variety of people in varying levels of pain, discomfort and anxiety. Even for the sweetest patient, the rehabilitation process can be a frustrating endeavor. But approaching patients with compassion, respect, and understanding can go a long way toward the healing process.

Physical therapist Gina Brunetti experienced this firsthand when she began working with one of her former patients. He was easily agitated and was known to become combative, throw things, and occasionally even hit people. He did not like therapy and often he would flat out refuse to participate.

Others might have been discouraged by his difficult behavior, but not Gina. She knew that getting him to comply with the therapy program was critical for his recovery.

She quickly identified some of his interests so they could be incorporated into therapy. “This gentleman had a love for BBQ chips, chocolate cake, and soda,” she recalled. In order to get him to practice standing and walking, she would entice him with a trip to the kitchen for a bite of cake or a sip of soda.

Gina always approached the patient with kindness and composure. “Gina’s compassion towards this man was moving,” recalls coworker Isabel Martinez. “Gina showed us that when you take the time to truly get to know a patient and understand how they learn, you can really make an impact.” It didn’t matter how challenging he was or how much he resisted, she was always able to get him to complete his therapy.

By the time her former patient was done with his treatment, he had transformed into an active participant in his own care team. He was declared an honorary member of the team and given a brand new program shirt, which he wore proudly on his last day.

Gina is being honored with the “Compassionate Connected Care Award” this week in celebration of Patient Experience Week. Thank you, Gina, for your dedication to our patients.


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