Comprehensive, Group-Based Therapy at the BIDT Program

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Mar 13, 2020

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To help continue progress and recovery after inpatient, skilled nursing or other outpatient brain injury rehabilitation, Brooks offers its Brain Injury Day Treatment (BIDT) program.

BIDT Program Director Dr. Russell Addeo is a board-certified neuropsychologist who has been with Brooks for 25 years. “The BIDT was formed in 1993 as a place for brain injury patients to go after their hospital stay or inpatient rehabilitation,” said Dr. Addeo. “The BIDT was the first brain injury outpatient program option at the time.”

As opposed to Brooks’ traditional, one-on-one outpatient treatments, the BIDT offers individual therapies, as well as operating in a group setting with intensive, interdisciplinary care – with physical, speech and occupational therapies, psychotherapy, biofeedback, and neuropsychology — working together on a patient’s goals.

“The BIDT provides comprehensive therapy that a patient wouldn’t normally get with individual one-on-one work alone,” said Dr. Addeo. “Participants are here five days a week, with an average stay ranging from six to 12 weeks. So they’re getting 25 to 30 hours of therapy a week, in which participants are interacting socially with the staff, therapists and other brain injury patients. The realistic, community environment can help with recovery and transition.”

According to Dr. Addeo, the continuum of care found at Brooks is not common in other rehabilitation systems. “For anyone with a brain injury, this is the type of care you’d want to get,” said Dr. Addeo. “ A whole interdisciplinary system of care, with highly specialized physicians and professionals — who love what they do — providing evidence-based treatment in our inpatient rehabilitation facility. Then, patients can receive care in our outpatient programs and the comprehensive day treatment program. You’re going to achieve your maximum, best outcome.”


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