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Long Term Care Administrators Week

Clinical Expertise

Mar 18, 2022

Our Long Term Care Administrators are key players on our team and have taken on a big responsibility ensuring our elders, residents and patients get the best care possible in our long term care settings. They touch lives and ensure our staff provides the highest level of quality care in a daily basis. To our administrators, we say thank you for your commitment and dedication.

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Here’s what the residents and staff shared about our Administrators.

Maria Interiano – Vice President of Aging Services

  • “Maria, our success is a reflection of your hard work. Thank you for your sincere efforts and support! Happy Administrators Day!” – Janet G.
  • “Maria always greets you with a big smile and concern to how you feel. She follows up on complaints or suggestions to our care. Andy left us in good hands. Angela is following in Maria’s place.” – Frank A.
  • “Maria is very nice and helpful lady when she is in our building. Thank you.” – Larry G.
  • “Behind every successful team there is an efficient administrator. Today is the perfect day to thank Maria for all her help and hard work!” – Neece
  • “Maria is a pleasant and thoughtful lady. Very friendly when I see her in the building. Thank you for your kindness.” – Eruehe K
  • “I would like to thank Maria for continuing to check on us and welcome Angela for looking out for us. Thank you both.” – Shanon P.

Angela Youngblood – Bartram Lakes and the Green House® Residences

  • “Angela, I am lucky to be working with you! Every day you bring joy to our residents and make me so happy to come in work every day.” – Janet G.
  • “Thank you Angela for all your hard work, tireless effort and everyday enthusiasm. Your work is a key to our success!” – Neece
  • “For Angela. Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.” – Brianna A.
  • “I would like to thank Maria for continuing to check on us and welcome Angela for looking out for us. Thank you both.” – Shanon P.

Andy Andre – University Crossing

  • Andy is…Accountable- we can count on him to be fair and consistent; and Noble- he is honest, genuine, professional and transparent; and Deserving – he deserves recognition for being a great leader by leading by example; and Exemplary-he continues to model the way through the ups and downs. – Tremaine
  • Accountability. – Steve
  • He likes to close the loop. – Brandy
  • Andy makes sure he checks on me even when he is busy. Means a lot. Thank you for being excellent. – Lashia
  • He has been very understanding and helpful since I started. – Chelsey
  • Andy helps and does a great job of running our ship. He keeps everyone in line and promotes a comfortable, fun atmosphere. Excellent administrator! – Nathan
  • Andy is a kind and compassionate administrator. – Tacey
  • Andy is sweet, caring, understanding, values family, communicates, very professional administrator. – Laketa

Barbara Engelkes – Bartram Crossing

Please join us in welcoming our newest Long Term Care Administrator, Barbara Engelkes. Some fun facts about Barbara:

  • She started her career as a pharmaceutical sales rep and became and administrator in 2007. “I fell in love with eldercare and I enjoy the residents’ company so much!”
  • She graduated college from Southern Illinois University.
  • Although she was born in Ohio, she grew up in northern Illinois. She and her family have lived in Florida for 27 years.
  • She’s been to Ireland three times. “It’s the land of my ancestors and I absolutely love it there!”
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