Making Masks a Labor of Love for Cinnamon’s Quilt Shoppe


Apr 10, 2020

Janet Wells saw a news story about people making masks for healthcare workers due to the nationwide shortage during the COVID-19 pandemic. This was personal for her. Her daughter, Katelyn Jordan, O.D., manages the Brooks Center for Low Vision where she works with patients who have low vision and need visual services and devices beyond traditional corrective lenses.

Janet happens to work at a local quilt store, Cinnamon’s Quilt Shoppe so she began researching how to make masks while following CDC guidelines. She made a prototype for her daughter to bring in to the Brooks nursing leadership. Dr. Jordan called Janet that night and asked her mom, “They loved it, can you make 1500 of them?” Janet, shocked, replied “Not by myself!” so she recruited help.

Janet put out a call from the quilt store customers and started making kits which contained all the materials they would need to sew the masks. She even located polypropylene liners for extra protection. Volunteers drove up to the store and picked up the kits in their cars for safe social distancing. The call for help went out on a Wednesday and by Saturday completed mask were being returned “When I got to the store on Saturday there were several people waiting outside to turn in the masks they made and get more kits. Volunteers have been sharing that either they have a relative that works at Brooks or they were once a patient and want to help out,” said Janet.

When Janet dropped off the first batch of 574 masks, local media was there to capture her good deed (see stories below). “Our hobbies keep us sane and doing something for others helps make a bad situation better,” said Janet.

In 1 ½ weeks, Janet and her quilting friends were able to exceed their goal and make 1,700 masks for Brooks staff and residents at our skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. They donated their time and all materials to keep us safe and we couldn’t be more grateful.

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