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Nancy Wasn’t Just a Number

Patient Experience

Dec 10, 2018

When Nancy Hansen of Palatka, Fla., experienced complications from minor gall bladder surgery, she was readmitted to the hospital numerous times. Each release required home health care.

Nancy’s husband, Roger, became her constant caregiver and devoted guardian of her months-long medical and emotional journey. Roger, like most people, had no training or experience helping a loved one back to health.

“When I was released from the hospital after the gallbladder surgery, and soon afterward needed care for infections and lung issues, I didn’t know how Roger and I would handle it. So, when my primary doctor told us about Brooks home health services, it was the best phone call we’d ever received!” said Nancy. “I wouldn’t be alive if we hadn’t connected with the Brooks physical and occupational therapists and nurses.”

Roger chimes in when Nancy sings the praises of her Brooks care team. He passionately described how their lives changed when Nancy began her first at-home therapy.

“Nancy was home a short time after the initial gallbladder surgery when she started to have some problems,” said Roger. “As soon as our Brooks therapist and nurse saw Nancy, they told me to take her to the emergency room. This difficult scenario played out several times as Nancy was readmitted and released. I am so thankful for their personal guidance. They looked at Nancy like a family member, not just a patient or a number.”

Each time the Brooks team visited their home, they showed Roger how to do various exercises with Nancy to keep her active.

“Through all the ups and downs of my repeated hospitalizations, I just wanted to get better and get back into my normal life,” said Nancy. “Having the Brooks therapists train Roger and help us cope with this difficult time was wonderful. When they’d arrive, I felt like I was getting a visit from friends, not therapists.”

Recently, Nancy went on an overnight bus trip with her quilting group…without Roger! They were so happy she could finally be independent and do something she enjoyed, without worrying about her health.

“We both felt at ease when I went on the trip because we knew we had the best possible care behind us,” said Nancy. “Peace of mind is worth more than anything.”


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