‘Out of the Blue’ – a poem by Anida Pollo


by Anida Pollo | Dec 23, 2019

Just like the phrase, “out of the blue”
My world got transformed into something new
I woke up one morning to get ready for school
And never did I think, life would ask me to duel

Slowly and surely, I started getting ready
Till something began that has no remedy
Stinging, burning, and stabbing pain
It was something so strong, I couldn’t contain

My legs were weakening but I did not know,
That in fifteen minutes, life would push me down low
As the pain made me sit to change my clothes on my bed,
Little did I realize, that was the last time I would tread

Trying, trying, trying to stand
I had no idea what life had planned
Mind racing and heart pounding
Why? Oh, why were my legs confounding?

And as I called for help, I was internally screaming,
“What is happening right now? Someone, please tell me I’m dreaming!”
“I can’t move my legs!”, was all that was heard
As my mom came into my room as quick as a bird

She yelled for my dad, telling him to call 911
“No!”, I responded, “I’m sure that soon, this will be done!”
I said I was okay but really, I was just scared and afraid
How could life do this to me without giving me any aide?

Never being sick, I was worried what a trip to the hospital might hold
Doctors, nurses, IVs, and surgery… I wasn’t really that bold
While waiting for the EMT, the worst was going through my head
My legs were now weak, does that mean soon I’ll be dead?

Then something occurred that took me completely by shock
No one would believe me; they were all hard as a rock.
No matter how much I tried to explain
They all made me feel crazy and mentally insane

From the EMTs, to the first doctor and nurse
Why? Oh, why was life giving me this curse?
At that point, about half of my body was numb
And no one could find out why and made me feel really dumb

It was not until the very next day
That the doctors told me what was at bay
They told me that my spinal cord was inflamed
And that it was something that still hadn’t been tamed

Where did this come from? How did I get it?
11 years healthy, I couldn’t get any credit?
No one could figure it out, not one had clue
Just like an autoimmune, it came out of the blue

And from that moment forward, my life was something new
I couldn’t even tell you all the things I’ve had to do.
But while some things have been rough, and other things have been rocky,
There has also been something beautiful transformed from inside me

See during our hardships, we are always so blind
Because it’s not really clear what life is behind.
We are so afraid of what we do not know
That we often forget that flowers need rain to grow

That without our trials and tribulations,
We would be stuck, like trains, at the same stations.
So a piece of advice to all of my friends,
Keep your head high, because this is life’s trend.

The good and the bad always come and go,
Because we’re all just pieces of life’s show
Being pushed to complete the purpose that we hold
So that through our battles, we will become bold.

What makes it sweet though is that we have each other,
That no matter what we go through, we can depend on one another.
And I’m grateful for everyone, because without you I don’t know where I’d be
With your help, I’ve been able to grow, thank you, my extended family.

Thank you to everyone for all that you do,
You make my life better by staying humble and true.
And with this, I will bring this poem to an end,
I hope you enjoy your holidays and Happy New Year, my friends.

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