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What is the Brooks Rehabilitation Speech Therapy Clinical Fellowship?

Clinical Expertise

Aug 3, 2022

Brooks Rehabilitation offers excellent care, state-of-the-art technology, and evidenced-base practice in addition to going beyond what is expected and becoming the future of rehabilitation. With Brooks continued growth and partnership with the Institute of Higher Learning (IHL), our Speech Therapy Clinical Fellowship Program is also continuing to grow.

Each year, the program accepts one to three speech language pathologists (SLPs) who are seeking mentorship to complete their mandatory, post-graduate Clinical Fellowship Year (CFY) with criteria set by the American Speech and Language Hearing Association (ASHA). Our Speech Therapy Clinical Fellowship fosters completion of mentorship requirements of ASHA in addition to providing an elevated clinical fellowship experience.

Our SLPs will not only be able to meet requirements for their governing body to receive final licensure, but will receive increased mentorship hours beyond what the minimal requirement is, didactic learning hours, professional engagement to present lectures and continued education and the opportunity to complete three rotations in different clinical settings across the Brooks’ System of Care. The Speech Clinical Fellowship ensures that post-graduate SLPs receive an experience that is beyond a traditional CFY.

This year, the Brooks Institute of Higher Learning is excited to welcome three SLP fellows to the program: Morgan, Nicole and Madison. Morgan is currently in her Aging Services/SNF rotation at University Crossings and is a Jacksonville University graduate. Madison is currently serving as a float therapist for her rotation at Bartram Hospital – University Campus and is a University of Central Florida graduate. Nicole is completing her first rotation at Bartram Hospital – Bartram Campus and is a graduate from Jacksonville University. In October, each fellow will rotate to a different site.

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