April 28th: World Superhero Day! Brooks Superhero Spotlights

Clinical Expertise

Apr 28, 2022

April 28 is World Superhero Day and we wanted to shine the spotlight on three of our favorite superheroes.

Eleanor and Liam: Patients at Outpatient – St. Augustine (Pediatrics) Clinic

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By definition, a superhero is an exceptionally skillful or successful person. Eleanor is a superhero because since starting therapy at six months old, she continues to excel in all aspects of her development. Development of gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, social-emotional and language skills are challenging, even for a neurotypical child. No matter how hard the task seems, Eleanor always strives to try her hardest, with a smile on her face. Eleanor’s superpower is that she can turn anyone’s busy or hard day around with her contagious personality. She has taken each hurdle in her road as a path to learn and establish relationships, lighting up every room she walks into. It is evident that her superhero powers also come from her parents.

Superheroes all have different super powers and Liam is no exception. Liam is undoubtedly a superhero but he was blessed with many super powers. His sweet giggles will melt your heart and his warm cuddles will make any day better. However, it’s his sit-up that will rock your world; he has more abs than his physical therapist. He has been coming to therapy since he was four-weeks-old and he lets his mom and dad take turns bringing him to therapy. He works hard in every session, as he is able to push up tall on his tummy, roll from his tummy to his back and only needs his cape for a little help to sit up tall to play. He is a curious boy who loves silly faces, exploring his environment and manipulating toys with his hands. It clear his joy and interest in the world comes from the love and motivation of his parents.

Kira: Patient at Outpatient – Mandarin Clinic


A superhero is someone who has great courage and extraordinary ability. Kira is a superhero in many ways. She takes on every challenge with bravery and works extremely hard to reach her goals in therapy. She meets every challenge with sass and enthusiasm that inspires anyone who is nearby. She is extremely loving, adventurous, and fun and works hard for cuddles. She has the extraordinary ability to make everyone around her smile. She even displays great leadership skills by teaching her baby sister new skills. Kira is an all-around superhero and deserves recognition for her hard work and determination.

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