2018 Advisory Board Workplace Award


Mar 29, 2018

Brooks Rehabilitation has been awarded the Advisory Board 2018 Workplace of the Year Award.  The annual award recognizes hospitals and health systems nationwide that have outstanding levels of employee engagement. Brooks Rehabilitation is one of only twenty organizations nationwide to receive the award.

“In today’s changing and often uncertain healthcare industry, engaging the workforce is arguably more important than ever before,” said Sarah Rothenberger, Managing Director, Advisory Board Survey Solutions. “Engaged staff don’t just enjoy their jobs and their workplace—they’re willing to go above and beyond to help their organization succeed. Not surprisingly, health care organizations with higher levels of staff engagement also have higher patient satisfaction scores, better staff retention, and a stronger culture of safety. Our award winners have demonstrated an impressive ability to inspire the highest levels of engagement across the country while maintaining remarkably low levels of disengagement.”

Engaged employees, as defined by Advisory Board, are those who exhibit both loyalty and commitment to the organization.  These employees are often willing to go above and beyond to help the organization succeed.  The award recognizes Brooks Rehabilitation’s commitment to creating a best-in-class work environment for its employees. 

Brooks employees are passionate about patients and they drive innovations to ensure those we treat and care for have the best outcomes and highest satisfaction. Without our passionate, engaged staff there is no Brooks!” -Karen Gallagher, VP of Human Resources

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