In the News: Brooks Expert Mallory Behenna Featured in Article on Effective Exercises to Keep You Pain Free

News Update

Dec 1, 2023

A recent article in Well + Good, a popular online lifestyle and fitness publication, featured Brooks Rehabilitation physical therapist Mallory Behenna, DPT. Behenna shared five simple exercises people can do to stay healthy and pain free.

Behenna provided insights on how to be most effective in working the main muscle groups of the body to get the most from your exercise efforts. In addition to the five exercises that can easily be done at home, she provided some dos and don’ts when performing each exercise.

Not only do these exercises increase strength, they also promote joint health and mobility.

The goal of the article was to make exercise approachable and help readers understand how they can get the best results when first starting on their fitness journey.

Read the full article on Well + Good

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