“Jacksonville’s Brooks Rehab seeks 400 volunteers to help provide ‘compassionate care'” – Jacksonville.com

Patient Experience

by Beth Reese Cravey, Florida Times Union | Nov 9, 2020

Ray Pringle knows what to say to people who are learning how to live with serious injuries or sickness.

In 2008 the retired Army veteran and former police officer lost much of the use of his legs after having spinal surgery. For years he has used his experience as a volunteer certified peer mentor for Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital patients, which because of the COVID-19 pandemic is now seeking 400 additional volunteers to provide virtual services.

“I have met some beautiful people that have had to face a perplexing injury or sickness, such as waking up to the reality they will never walk again,” he said. “Having to face that permanence is devastating to a person. I know, I had my doctor tell me those heart-wrenching words. I live mostly in a wheelchair and I share to others the ups and downs of life doing so.”

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