Behavioral Medicine

Brooks Behavioral Medicine provides a full complement of cognitive and behavioral services related to the physical, mental and emotional recovery of our patients. Our programs and services include:

Brain Injury Day Treatment

This CARF-accredited program offers interdisciplinary treatment for patients with brain injury to improve cognitive, physical, psychosocial and daily living functional skills to become more independent in their home, community and work.

Neuropsychological Evaluation

These evaluations assess the cognitive and emotional status of our patients in order to assist with diagnosis and treatment plans.

Pain Rehabilitation

This CARF-accredited program takes a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to chronic pain, and regularly achieves the best outcomes in the region regarding decreased pain and increased function.

Driving Evaluations

Our driver rehabilitation program includes a comprehensive clinical evaluation as well as an on-the-road assessment.


Biofeedback therapy promotes relaxation and decreases pain and tension by providing information about physical responses.

Cognitive Rehabilitation

Cognitive rehabilitation provides therapeutic interventions to improve attention, problem solving, and memory skills that are often associated with an injury to the brain.