Indego Exoskeleton

Body Weight Support Gait

How does the Indego Exoskeleton work?

The Indego powered exoskeleton allows users who cannot walk to perform upright, overground walking activities during their therapy sessions. Featuring modular construction and intuitive wireless controls, Indego offers a truly custom experience to offer spinal cord injury and stroke patients to walk with as close to a natural gait as possible. Thanks to the versatile lightweight design, we’re able to use Indego to conduct goal-oriented and task-specific gait training with customizable levels of powered assistance as a pathway toward greater functional independence.

Indego is a highly valuable in outpatient and inpatient training as a tool in the journey toward independent walking. Brooks has exclusive rights to Indego training in Florida and is cleared not only to use Indego in a therapy setting, but also to fit qualified patients for the home model.


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