What conditions does the L300Go help treat?

The Bioness L300Go is an extremely slim, lightweight stimulator that aids with foot drop and knee stability to allow for easier walking for patients who have a diagnosis of stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury, multiple sclerosis, or cerebral palsy. It’s an extremely easy to use device for patients of all ages that adaptively learns and recalibrates the amount of stimulation while you walk to help reduce falls, and adapt walking based on the individual environment, and increase patient confidence.

How does the L300Go work?

The L300Go makes these calibration adjustments by actively and intelligently monitoring 3-axis motion, speed, and exertion and logging this progress. This adaptive artificial intelligence, combined with simple controls directly on the device and an interactive mobile app, make the L300Go the ideal technology for ongoing outpatient and home use. It offers a unique independence for daily living activities and offers a continuous residual effect on strength and muscle memory, even when the device isn’t being worn.

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