RAPAEL Smart Glove

Fine Motor Hand-Eye Coordination

How does the RAPAEL Smart Glove work?

The RAPAEL Smart Glove is a highly advanced bluetooth enabled glove that helps patients train their arm and hand strength in by playing dynamic virtual reality games. RAPAEL Smart Glove therapy centers on the idea that patients thrive when presented with achievable challenges. The accompanying software learns and measures patient abilities, suggests new activities based on skills, and is regularly updated with new games and activities to keep the patient engaged.

What conditions does the RAPAEL Smart Glove help treat?

Because of its lightweight, portable nature, the RAPAEL Smart Glove is ideal for outpatient therapy and can be rented for ongoing training at home. It offers largely independent training for grasping, releasing, and improving fine motor function in patients with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis (MS), or after a stroke.

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