Outpatient – Center for Sports Therapy

10423 Centurion Pkwy N
Jacksonville, FL 32256

P: (904) 854-2090 | F: (904) 854-2093

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Andy Koenig, PT, DPT, MHA, OCS, CSCS, Center Manager

P: (904) 854-2090

“Welcome to Brooks Rehabilitation's Center for Sports Therapy! Our goal is to provide the highest quality rehabilitation to athletes of all levels, from the recreational athlete to competitive and elite athletes, using our extensive expertise and state-of-the-art techniques. Our therapists are here to assist you in meeting your therapy goals to give you an excellent experience and outcome. Thank you for choosing us for your rehab partner!” — Andy Koenig, PT, DPT, MHA, OCS, CSCS, Center Manager

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Brooks Rehabilitation Center for Sports Therapy is currently closed. Click here to see the Brooks update about Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Brooks Rehabilitation Center for Sports Therapy provides skilled physical therapy services to meet your rehabilitation needs. Additional programs offered include orthopedic rehabilitation, sports rehabilitation, aquatic therapy, concussion rehabilitation and geriatric rehabilitation. Our clinicians are expertly trained and utilize the latest evidence-based therapy to assist you in reaching your goals and optimal outcomes.

Center for Sports Therapy offers some unique equipment to assist in your recovery including Blood Flow Restriction Training, AlterG Treadmill, Dartfish Biomechanical Analysis, Biodex Isokinetic Assessments and a therapeutic pool. Center for Sports Therapy is home to the Brooks Sports Physical Therapy Residency program. The team at Center for Sports Therapy is committed to providing every patient with the best possible experience as your chosen rehabilitation partner.

Center for Sports Therapy is located within the Brooks Family YMCA on Centurion Parkway.

Email: Andrew.koenig@brooksrehab.org