Brooks Rehabilitation Center for Sports Therapy

10423 Centurion Pkwy N
Jacksonville, FL 32256

P: (904) 854-2090 | F: (904) 854-2093

Welcome to Brooks Center for Sports Therapy

Brooks Rehabilitation’s Center for Sports Therapy provides skilled physical therapy services to patients rehabbing after an injury. Our clinicians are expertly trained and utilize the latest evidence-based therapy to assist you in reaching your goals and optimal outcomes.

The center is located within the YMCA on Centurion Parkway.

Services offered

Our team is committed to providing every patient with the best possible experience as your chosen rehabilitation partner. Some of the services we offer are:

Technology offered at the Center 

Preparing for Your First Appointment

  1. Brooks will call you to set up your first appointment. During your initial call, feel free to ask if you should wear or bring a certain type of clothing.
  2. Your insurance benefits and other financial information will be verified by the Brooks team. Please bring a copy of your insurance card and picture ID.
  3. Please arrive at your appointment site 15-20 minutes ahead of the scheduled time to ensure all intake forms are completed.
  4. During your intake, you will be asked questions about your symptoms, your medical and injury history, your family’s medical history and other personal topics.
  5. The first appointment will include a detailed examination to evaluate your condition and begin to formulate goals, identify treatment milestones and determine the necessary frequency of clinic visits.
  6. You will leave the first appointment with a set of instructions and recommendations for things to do – and not to do – at home.
  7. You can schedule your next appointment before you leave the office.


Will forever recommend Brooks Rehab to everyone! The PT's are fantastic and you won't find this kind of care anywhere else. You would be so lucky to get any PT from this facility, especially Zac King!

Just had a knee replacement and am rehabbing thru Brooks. My therapist (Deyoung Don) is AWESOME at motivating me to “do the work”. Had a replacement in 2014 and this one in 2021 is rehabbing much easier & progressing faster. So glad I gave Brooks a try - great atmosphere/facility and very professional caring staff!

I absolutely love the way my physical therapy is done at Brooks Rehab. Devin Jourde, an excellent therapist, is the BEST. He does a thorough exam, provides ways to help with recovery and bases this on what the individual actually needs to recover, rather than doing the same treatment for each person. By tailoring it to each individual it brings relief while continuing to heal. Since it is located in the YMCA facility it is very easy to transition back into my normal routine and have help if needed to do regular workouts that will help not hinder returning to normal exercise programs. Thanks so much!

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Welcome to Brooks Rehabilitation Center for Sports Therapy! Our passion is to serve athletes of all levels and our goal is to allow you to reach your peak performance by restoring and optimizing function. Our physical therapy team uses a holistic approach to meet each individual’s needs. Our clinicians are expertly trained and utilize the latest evidence-based therapy to assist you in reaching your goals. Whether you are rehabilitating to return to sport or restoring function, our team will strive to provide you with excellent customer services as we assist you in achieving your best possible outcome. Thank you for choosing us for your rehabilitation services.

Ashley Gormely, PT, DPT, Center Manager, Center for Sports Therapy

P: (904) 854-2090 | E: [email protected]

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