Brooks Rehabilitation Alternative Voices (BRĀV) Program

What is it?

BRĀV is a Brooks system of care specialty that provides an actual, digital voice for people who have difficulty speaking. Our patients, young and old, use speech-generating devices (SGDs) to communicate with those around them.

The BRĀV Program is:

  • Evidence-based
  • Objective
  • Patient-centered
  • Comprehensive
  • Functionally-relevant

How does it work?

BRĀV clinicians across the system of care complete specialized AAC evaluation and treatment sessions for speech-generating devices. From hospital to home, we are here to support you!

What is AAC?

AAC stands for Augmentative and Alternative Communication. The America Speech, Language, and Hearing Associate (ASHA) defines AAC as “all of the ways we share our ideas and feelings without talking.” People communicate using technology to produce speech For some they their communication deficits create a poor perception and representation of their actual level of cognitive function. Our patients need access to skilled training in the use of AAC in the form of speech generating devices (SGD) to gain the voice they need to communicate independently in the least restrictive way. These individuals need BRĀV.

Who can be a BRĀV patient?

Any individual who has a severe communication impairment.

What types of diagnoses are often seen?

Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, genetic disorders, ALS, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury just to name a few.

Does using AAC or a speech-generating device (SGD) hinder speech production?

No! SGDs do not hinder speech production in any way. In fact, research shows SGDs can help facilitate verbal speech.

Current BRĀV Clinics

How do I refer someone to the BRĀV Program?

Ask your doctor to write an order for a speech therapy evaluation for AAC/speech-generating device and fax to CIU.

Please send referrals to CIU: (904) 345-7277
Fax: (904) 345-7280
Email: [email protected]

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