Fine Motor Gross Motor

How does the XCite work and what conditions does it help treat?

The Xcite is an extremely unique task-based functional electrical stimulation (FES) for gross and fine motor training. With on-screen cues and wireless remote control, the Xcite provides sequenced stimulation for common activities such as grasping a pen and writing, brushing teeth, using a fork or spoon to eat, or rising to a standing position from a seated position. It also provides stimulation cycles for targeted exercises in the hands, arms, and legs.

Where can the XCite be used?

Xcite can be used at the Brooks Neuro Recovery Centers or at our Rehabilitation Hospital, to achieve goals with the assistance of our clinical team. Xcite is also available as an app for the RT300 home system, with on-screen guides for electrode placement and audiovisual cues to guide home users and their caregivers through task-oriented exercises delivered online to the machine by the Brooks team.


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