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What does it mean to be a nursing team member at Brooks Rehabilitation?

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Aug 2, 2021

Medical Reviewer: Joanne Hoertz, RN, MSN, CRRN
Last Updated: August 16, 2021

The nursing profession is an incredibly rewarding and demanding one. Much has changed in our nursing world over the past 18 months as we lived through the world health crisis of COVID-19. Over the past year, many of you have made decisions about your career, your places of employment and evaluated different opportunities. As the Chief Nursing Officer at Brooks Rehabilitation, I would like to share with you what it means to be a nursing team member at Brooks.


Brooks nurses are dedicated to providing safe, high-quality and patient-centered care.

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What you will learn at Brooks

Practicing nursing at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital provides you the opportunity to be part of everyday miracles. Nurses at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital use the nursing process and care for individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities. As a critical member of the rehabilitation team, you have the chance to help patients and their families as they begin or continue their journey towards recovery.

Rehabilitation nurses act also as patient advocates and educators; teaching our patient and families how to be more independent, how to manage self-care and how to return to their homes and communities. Since our patients stay longer than at other hospitals, you have a chance to truly develop the therapeutic nurse patient relationship as you help patients and families achieve their goals.

Quality nursing care at Brooks

We recently have received our second designation as a “Magnet” Organization. Practicing at a Magnet-designated facility means you aim higher – higher patient outcomes, more evidence-based practice, greater satisfaction with your work environment. At Brooks, we work daily to support our professional practice environments and focus on quality, autonomy and strong collegial relationships with the care team, including excellent nurse – physician relationships. We are extremely proud to be one of the few Magnet recognized Free Standing Rehabilitation Hospitals in the country. If you want to work in a quality- and nurse- focused organization where you can deliver care and achieve outcomes that surpass others, then a working at a Magnet-designated facility is for you.

We have been active at Brooks to identify strategies that will support and recognize nursing staff. Nurses remain one of the most critical members of our teams as they have a high level of responsibility for the safety and quality of care received by our patients. For example, at Brooks Rehabilitation we offer:

  • A state-of-the-art Hi Fidelity SIM LAB to enhance skill training and competency
  • 12-hour shifts at the Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital, 8-hour shifts are available in subacute rehabilitation, long-term care and home health settings
  • A brand new 60-bed Rehabilitation Hospital is opening January 2022 at our Bartram Campus
  • Flexible scheduling , weekend positions, float pools and temporary positions are available
  • An enhanced and generous Tuition Assistance Policy
  • Nursing Scholarship opportunities
  • Nurse to patient ratios based on patient needs

As an established and successful rehabilitation and geriatric care provider, we strive to elevate the profession of nursing, support our teams to deliver exemplary care, and ensure that we remain committed to continuous life-long learning and personal self-development.

Be a part of a miracle: The rewarding experience of being a nurse at Brooks

Imagine the joy of watching a patient who at admission could not talk and could not walk progress through their stay and actually walk out the door of our hospital to go home. This is an example of the miracles that I am talking about and happen daily at Brooks. If you are unfamiliar with rehabilitation nursing, and you desire to practice nursing at the top of your license and be part of everyday miracles, then definitely check out our open positions.


Our nurses promote patients’ highest level of participation in rehabilitation.

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Medical Reviewer

Joanne Hoertz, RN, MSN, CRRN

Senior Vice President for Nursing and System Chief Nursing Officer
Joanne S. Hoertz, RN, MSN, CRRN, currently serves as the Senior Vice President for Nursing and System Chief Nursing Officer at Brooks Rehabilitation. In this role, she collaboratively provides the clinical, financial and administrative responsibility for nursing services with local nurse leaders across all of the Brooks Rehabilitation locations. Ms. Hoertz has been practicing nursing for over 30 years. She has been working in the specialty area of Rehabilitation Nursing for over 28 years and in the senior nurse leader/nurse executive role of an organization for the past 20 years. Ms. Hoertz has progressed from a trauma staff nurse through the many positions and levels of nursing management and leadership over the years. In these roles she has lead teams through patient care redesign, Magnet designation, various state, local and specialty organization certifications/ accreditations and created new leadership teams.
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