Integrative Therapy Program

Going through extended medical treatment can be stressful. Anxiety, fear, depression and the presence of chronic pain are often part of this journey. We understand and have developed several integrative therapy programs for our guests to help reduce those negative aspects and increase the healing process.

Our programs include:

Mindfulness for Stress Management – taught by a licensed psychotherapist Ph.D. This class incorporates the medical model of utilizing meditation, relaxation and breathing to better cope with treatment, illness and intense caregiving.

Tai Chi – taught by an experienced instructor, Tai Chi is a slow moving meditative exercise designed to increase strength and flexibility, decrease joint pain and stress, reduce blood pressure and increase one’s sense of well-being. It can be done seated or standing, and no prior experience or equipment is necessary.

Art Therapy – taught by an art instructor and supplies are provided. The creative arts allow “space” for quiet expression, which is helpful in the healing process.

Chef’s Night In – this program brings community groups and organizations in two to three times a week to cook and serve dinner to all of our guests, alleviating the stress of preparing meals.

Some of these programs are based on sound medical research, like the mindfulness for stress management class; others offer freedom from the burden of daily activities. Many physicians, social workers, and other healthcare workers have supported these programs. They believe, as we do, the programs can assist in the positive continuum of care of patients and be a catalyst in healing.

There are no costs for these classes for our guests.