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Medical Reviewer: Josh Schuette, DPT, MBA, M.E.S.S., CFCE
Last Updated: January 26, 2024

Why have your work-related injury treated at Brooks Rehabilitation?

We provide the most advanced therapy and medical care along with the compassion, motivation and hope to help someone who has been injured on the job reach the highest level of recovery and participation in life. We offer a complete workers’ compensation continuum of care to assist your injured worker in achieving the highest functional level possible, regardless of the medical complexity of the injury.

Workers’ Comp Care Specialist

Brooks has a dedicated workers’ comp care specialist that will function as one point of contact to assist these individuals through our entire system of care. The patient and the workers’ compensation team will have direct access to the care specialist at all times as she ensures the Brooks therapy and medical team provide exactly what is needed to deliver the very best experience and outcome for these injured individuals.

To contact our Workers’ Comp Care Specialist directly, please contact Josh Schuette, DPT, MBA, M.E.S.S., CFCE at [email protected] or at (904) 248-9685.

Workers’ compensation continuum of care

In addition to having one of the busiest rehabilitation hospitals in the country, Brooks has a variety of additional services to support the needs of our patients throughout the stages of their recovery. Our workers’ compensation program covers a variety of service areas including inpatient, skilled nursing, home health, outpatient, physicians practice, behavioral medicine and specialized services.

Specializations in

Inpatient hospital

  • Specialize in complex catastrophic cases
  • High discharge to community rate, avoiding costly readmissions
  • Patient satisfaction scores put us in the top 10% of national rehabilitation facilities
  • Physician consultative services regardless of the patient’s location
  • Custom case reports
  • Helen’s House – A 38-room hospitality house that offers temporary lodging to the family/caregivers of the patient

Outpatient therapy

Physician practice

Specialized programs and services

Neuro Recovery Centers (NRC)

State-of-the art-rehabilitation centers featuring advanced equipment and technology to benefit individuals with neurological injuries or illnesses.

Pain Rehabilitation Program

An interdisciplinary and biopsychosocial program that has been operating for more than 30 years. This inpatient program for injured workers’ with chronic pain has excellent documented clinical outcomes and significantly reduces long-term healthcare costs. An opioid wean can also be a component of the program.

Brain Injury Day Treatment Program

A program to help individuals with acquired brain injury regain independence to return to work and driving.

Spinal Cord Injury & Related Disorders Day Treatment Program (SCI/D)

The Spinal Cord Injury & Related Disorders Day Treatment Program (SCI/D) is an outpatient interdisciplinary rehabilitation program designed to provide intense therapy for patients who have had a spinal cord injury (SCI) or similar neurologic disorders.

Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL)

One of the only US-based facilities offering CYBERDYNE’s Medical Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) technology to those with a spinal cord injury. HAL is the world’s first robotic medical device that has been shown to improve a patient’s ability to walk.

Connect with us

If you are interested in obtaining more information regarding the Brooks workers’ compensation program please contact Josh Schuette, DPT, MBA, M.E.S.S., CFCE at [email protected] or at (904) 248-9685.

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Medical Reviewer

Josh Schuette, DPT, MBA, M.E.S.S., CFCE

Executive Director of National Workers Compensation Sales & Account Management, Physical Therapist Brooks Behavioral Medicine Department, Certified Functional Capacity Evaluator
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