Body Weight Support

How does the ZeroG work?

ZeroG is a dynamic body weight support system that lets patients conduct a wide variety of therapies without the fear of falling. It works by supporting patients through a harness system connected to a mounted overhead robot. ZeroG aims to ease fear and anxiety to enable patients to remain focused on therapy outcomes. It achieves this by protecting the patient from falls by preventing them from happening, as well as giving patient overhead dynamic support to perform any functional tasks they wish to improve upon.

What conditions does the ZeroG help treat?

Rather than a therapy device in itself, ZeroG is a no-resistance, dynamic and adaptable tool that can be used by a wide range of patients with a variety of needs and abilities. ZeroG can support patients up to 350 pounds while static or up 200 pounds while moving along 125 feet of ceiling track. It can be used in tandem with specific activities, gait training, or a number of our other technologies in both inpatient and outpatient care at Brooks.


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