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Pediatric Day Treatment Program

We know that kids have a variety of different needs, whether it’s based on their age, their diagnosis or just their preferences. We created the Pediatric Day Treatment Program with that in mind.

This program is designed to provide individualized, multi-disciplinary therapy for children and teens (ages 5-18) who:

  • are living with an acquired or congenital disability
  • would benefit from intensive rehab services to maximize their recovery outcomes
  • would benefit from intensive rehab services to increase their participation in activities outside of the home

For more information on the Brooks Pediatric Day Treatment Program, please call (904) 712-3608 ext. 82653.

Participants must be able to tolerate three hours of therapy and require treatment from at least two therapy disciplines to be eligible candidate for the program. Parents must be available at all times and be ready to assist their child if needed during each half-day session

The program offers two separate half-day sessions, mornings and afternoons, every weekday. Each three-hour session consists of:

We also focus on recovery with intensive programming and state-of-the-art technology. There are age-appropriate activities and equipment available for both young children and youth along with access to advanced technology in the Brooks Neuro Recovery Center (NRC). Additionally, the program will have physician and nursing support available as needed along with case management services.

The main goal of the program is participation. For a child or teen, a big part of their life is how they are interacting with their peers, integrating into school, work or college. Working together with others in these small groups helps build community, problem solve ways to improve difficult situations and hold each other accountable along the way. Similarly, the parents of children in the program form their own support system.

In the Pediatric Day Treatment Program, children and teens can improve their functional outcomes and participation in life, all while having fun with new friends.

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