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Neuro Recovery Centers

Medical Reviewers: Robert McIver, PT, DPT; Heather Dangman
Last Updated: April 9, 2024

About the Neuro Recovery Centers

Our Neuro Recovery Centers (NRC) are state-of-the art rehabilitation centers offering specialized equipment for customized rehabilitation during and after traditional therapy has been completed. This unique gym allows you to continue ongoing exercise and conditioning to maintain and improve functional movement and abilities.

Members receive access to our innovative technology and can utilize the gym up to six days per week.

Who we are

The NRC is staffed with our team of Neuro Specialists. Physical therapists work alongside our exercise physiologists, personal trainers and rehab technicians to ensure quality care for our outpatient therapy patients as well as our community independent gym members.

What programs and services are offered at the Neuro Recovery Centers?

The NRC provides several different services including outpatient physical therapy, aquatic therapy, assistive technology and our wheelchair clinic. We also have an independent subscriber program for patients to access technology outside of insurance benefits and limitations.

Aquatic Exercise

Exercise in an aquatic environment allows members to perform some exercises that cannot be performed on land, as well as perform exercises against the resistance of water. Aquatic exercise is performed in a warm therapy pool. If an individual is interested in participating in aquatic exercise one of the setup appointments is done in the pool so that a Physical Therapist can assess the individual’s safety in the pool and to design an individualized exercise program that can be completed independently as part of a member’s program. Also the entry method into the pool will be determined and if the member will need a caregiver in the pool with them during their scheduled independent time.

Personal Training

The monthly subscriber fee allows members to schedule 2 weekly appointments with a Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer. This allows each member to receive personalized 1 on 1 training on any of our technology or exercise environments. Additionally our personal trainer provides nutritional counseling and runs group classes to benefit members with common needs.

Circuit Training

Circuit training is a combination of strength, endurance, balance, and functional exercises to lay the foundation for motor recovery and to improve overall health and fitness. During a setup appointment, a Doctor of Physical Therapy develops an individualized program that can include mat exercises, use of strength and endurance exercise machines, and high level ambulation and balance exercises that members can complete in the passive harness system for increased safety.

Outpatient Physical Therapy in the NRC

The unique nature of the NRC is it’s ability to deliver wellness programs as well as offer outpatient physical therapy services from our team of neuro specialists. Our physical therapists utilize advanced rehabilitation technologies in order to assist with treatments delivered to our patients. This unique method, incorporating technology into everyday treatment, allows our team to have an innovative approach to every patient’s plan of care. Some of the specialty devices offered within Physical Therapy we have listed below.

Two specialty outpatient services that we offer in the NRC are our customized wheelchair and seating clinic and in home assistive technology. These services are of great asset to our patients because they promote independence through mobility and accessibility.

What technologies are used at the NRC?

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Bike RT 300 and RT 200 Model

The RT300 FES Bike utilizes functional electrical stimulation to induce a muscle contraction in a patterned movement to allow for the functional movement of cycling and/or simulate a walking pattern. Stimulation can be applied to the lower extremities, upper extremities, and trunk depending on an individual’s needs. Individuals can be setup with multiple programs if necessary that they can then select from when coming in to use the RT300 allowing increased flexibility and variety off their individualized program


The ArmeoSpring is an exoskeleton that utilizes a virtual reality environment that members interact in with their arm. The exoskeleton is used to play a variety of computer games that simulate functional activities.


The Diego is the most advanced robotic-assisted arm-shoulder rehabilitation device worldwide. Intelligent gravity compensation, robotics and virtual reality facilitate the
often difficult training to regain lost arm motor function for one or both arms.


The Amadeo is suitable for all phases of finger-hand-rehabilitation. In cases of limited mobility of the fingers, specific exercises on the therapy device help improve motor- and sensory functions. It is one of the only devices that targets hand and finger function.


The Xcite iFES Clinical Station provides 40 preprogrammed FES-integrated functional activities available in four therapy libraries including: Hand Activities, Upper Extremity Activities, Lower Extremity Activities, and General Activities. Examples of the activities that can be performed with the Xcite include: Grasp and release, Feeding, Transfers, Heel slides, and Sit to stand.

Each activity has the correct sequenced stimulation pattern to perform the prescribed activity. Xcite also has one touch access to on-screen guides for electrode placement for easy patient setup and visible and audible cues to assist the completion of each pattern.


The iCARE, or Intelligently Controlled Assistive Rehabilitation Elliptical trainer, is a motorized elliptical that helps simulate walking in a safe body weight supported environment. It can be adjusted for speed and stride length to simulate the users normal step. This allows for high repetition walking in an assisted environment.

What benefits can I expect from the NRC programs?

The NRCs community aspect to programming brings our members together on a personal level while striving towards their physical goals. This program helps our patients not only improve their quality of life but also help to prevent future comorbidities that are often associated with our patient population.

How to join the NRC

There are only a few simple steps to join the Brooks Rehabilitation Neuro Recovery Center!

  1. Get an order from your doctor for Physical Therapy
  2. Have a PT evaluation in our clinic
  3. Get Started on your customized plan of care

Get in touch

You can reach as at the NRC Front Desk by calling us at (904) 345-6812, faxing us at (904) 345-7663 or emailing us at [email protected]. We have two Neuro Recovery Centers – Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital and Orange Park Outpatient Clinic.

Medical Reviewers

Robert McIver, PT, DPT

NCS Director of Clinical Technology and Wellness Programming

Heather Dangman

Assistant Manager - Neuro Recovery Center
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