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Program for Adults with Developmental Disabilities (PADD)

Medical Reviewers: Steve Walczak, PT, DPT, PCS, CSCS; Sally MacKay, OTR/L
Last Updated: April 9, 2024

What is the Program for Adults with Developmental Disabilities?

The Program for Adults with Developmental Disabilities (PADD) is an inpatient program housed at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital on University Blvd. This program was designed to optimally serve adults with developmental disabilities who have experienced a change in medical status that requires inpatient rehabilitation. Some examples of a change in status might be a fracture, surgery, brain injury, spinal cord injury, or severe illness to name a few.

A developmental disability is a lifelong condition with an onset prior to age 22 years old. It is a diverse group of conditions with cognitive and/or physical implications of varying severities. Some of these diagnoses include:

As medical care advances, these individuals are living longer and more independently than ever before. As a result, there is a growing need for specialized rehabilitation services. At Brooks Rehabilitation, we aim to provide these individuals with unique, personalized services so they can achieve the best outcomes and get back to living their lives! It is the PADD’s mission to help adults with developmental disabilities transition safely back to their previous living situation.

What does this program offer?

Adults with developmental disabilities have a wide variety of abilities, interests, and needs. Our program is designed to adapt to each individual. We have a dedicated team of clinicians that are passionate and trained to specifically work with adults with developmental disabilities.

These clinicians take time to get an in-depth understanding of patient preferences, previous lifestyles, supports, and routines. We encourage family members or caretakers to engage in therapies to ensure goals and activities are relevant. Based on our thorough evaluation, we will plan daily treatments that match both the overall goals of inpatient rehabilitation and the interests of the individual.

Our patients are able to engage in services such as recreation therapy, music therapy, play-based therapy, and therapy to simulate workplace environments. All activities are designed to be goal-directed in order to optimize recovery and prepare for next steps after inpatient rehabilitation. Each day, the team participates in an interdisciplinary huddle. This ensures consistency of care for the preferences and routines of each individual.

Our team has the education, experience, and passion to effectively care for adults with developmental disabilities. We are not only experts on the diagnoses and treatment strategies, but also well versed in preparing for the unique living settings that these adults may reside in. We collaborate with group homes, day programs, assisted living facilities, and families in discharge planning. This allows us to understand care requirements and establish any adjustments that may need to occur prior to transitioning back after inpatient rehabilitation. Our case manager will assist in coordinating resources and planning for a safe transition from Brooks Rehabilitation.

Connect with us

Please feel free to reach out with any questions to our email address at [email protected].

Medical Reviewers

Steve Walczak, PT, DPT, PCS, CSCS

Board-Certified Specialist in Pediatric Physical Therapy, Pediatrics and Brain Injury Program at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital
Steve Walczak is a physical therapist and therapy lead at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital where he cares for all pediatrics and adults with developmental disabilities. He has been practicing since 2017 and is a board certified specialist in pediatric physical therapy. His non-clinical roles include leading development for the inpatient pediatric program and inpatient PADD (Program for Adults with Developmental Disabilities), serving as faculty in the pediatric physical therapy residency, supporting research related activities in the system, and teaching continued education for our Institute of Higher Learning.

Sally MacKay, OTR/L

Pediatrics & Brain Injury Program at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital
Sally MacKay is a board certified occupational therapist working in the pediatric/brain injury unit at Brooks Rehabilitation hospital. She has been practicing occupational therapy since 2019, graduating from Florida Gulf Coast University. She began working with adults with developmental disabilities during her undergraduate career at the University of Florida in 2013. She also is a member of the patient experience council here at Brooks Rehabilitation.
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