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Brooks Rehabilitation Neuro Recovery Center

3599 University Blvd S
Jacksonville, FL 32216

P: (904) 345-6812 | F: (904) 345-7663

Welcome to the Brooks Neuro Recovery Center

The Neuro Recovery Center (NRC) state-of-the art rehabilitation gym is here to help members continue ongoing exercise and conditioning during and after traditional rehabilitation is complete.

Members receive access to our innovative technology and can utilize the gym up to six days per week.

Services Offered

We offer a wide range of rehabilitative therapy services to help empower your recovery after initial rehab is complete. These services include:

Technology Offered at the NRC

The NRC offers a wide range of rehabilitative technologies, as well as access to emerging technologies. These include:

To learn more about membership and connect with us, email [email protected].



What to Expect

Highly Knowledgeable Clinicians

Staffed with neuro specialists, physical therapists, exercise physiologists, personal trainers and rehab technicians, members and patients are supported by experts in the field of rehabilitation.

Innovative Technology & Equipment

Members get access to some of the most advanced rehabilitation technology available, including Cyberdyne Hybrid Assistive Limb.

Improved Quality of Life

This program helps support physical goals, promotes comradery and prevents additional conditions or diagnosis that can arise in patients when staying at a hospital.

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Learn More about the Neuro Recovery Center

Welcome to the Neuro Recovery Center! We are excited to partner with you for your continued rehabilitation needs.

Robert McIver, PT, Manager of Neuro Recovery Center

P: (904) 345-6812

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