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Mar 15, 2022

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Video Transcript

Kati Sowada, MS, CRC, Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapist

So I just celebrated my 15 year anniversary of working at Brooks Rehabilitation. I am not a native of Jacksonville, Florida, but I got my master’s degree at the University of North Florida, and quickly learned what a reputation Brooks had in the community. They understand that people are coming here to have a career, not just a job, and they pour into that. They pour into it with, always looking towards, what’s the next best technology to use with patients. They pour into us as employees with continuing education and unique opportunities to serve the community, not just come to work from nine to five.

Lashia Hicks, PT, DPT, Director of Rehabilitation, University Crossing

One of our major benefits of being an employee at Brooks, is our Institute of Higher Learning. We have a residency program and fellowship program, and if you are accepted into that program, you become a full-time clinician and you get paid a salary. And when you finish that program, you’re able to go and work wherever you want. There’s no requirement to stay here at Brooks, because we wanna make the best clinicians and we want them to go wherever they want to go to share that knowledge.

Clare Parker, COTA/L, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

I love working for Brooks, in part, because of the opportunities that are available to me, with the continuing education courses that are provided that help me in my professional development. I’ve also had a unique opportunity to apply for a residency program, that has helped me to build my leadership skills, and anyone at Brooks can apply for that program. That’s made a big difference in my life as a leader and an opportunity for career development.

Courtney Lindblom, OTR/L, Occupational Therapist

There’s a lotta collaboration, and we’ve built really good communication between the therapy and the nursing teams to really promote optimal patient outcomes, and to get these patients back to living their everyday lives and independent and safe, and back home with their families and loved ones.

Alexis Damon, MS, CCC-SLP, Speech Language Pathologist

I also love that Brooks has a system of care, so when a patient leaves inpatient, they can go to skilled nursing. From there, we have community outreach programs, such as the Aphasia Center and the Brain Injury Clubhouse. So we always know our patients are in good hands when they leave.

Clare Parker, COTA/L, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

I love that our patients can get and expect the same level of care in each setting that they’re in. And we know that when our patients move on from one setting to the next, they’re gonna be in good hands.

Alexis Damon, MS, CCC-SLP, Speech Language Pathologist

Anyone looking for a job in therapy should consider Brooks because Brooks not only cares about their patients, but they also care about their therapists. All the way up to management, I feel like my Director is very approachable. She’s always there when I need her. She always has an open door policy with all the therapists. We can come in and chat whenever we have a problem, so I’ve never felt like I was going through anything alone.

Valerie Sanchez, MS, OTR/L, Occupational Therapist

I mean, I do feel very lucky to to work here, just because every time I’m driving back home, I get to think about the difference that I made while here with all my patients who always leave a mark.

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