Studies Focused on Professional Development & Delivery of Care

Measuring Expert Concordance in Clinical Reasoning using Q-methodology (CR-Q) Study

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the utility of a clinical reasoning assessment tool based on Q-methodology in measuring the degree of concordance among clinical experts when performing clinical reasoning tasks.

Virtual Interprofessional (VIP) Consultation Experience: Exploration of Benefits and Barriers for Patients and Providers

The expansion of telehealth during the pandemic has increased awareness of the potential benefits of telehealth and exposed considerable knowledge gaps among some healthcare providers (e.g., PT and OT) regarding the use of telehealth. A common gap between both of these issues is a lack of practice-based learning that fosters deeper understanding and greater carryover into actual practice.

Our proposal aims to address this gap by establishing a virtual interprofessional (VIP) consultation clinic wherein learners from a variety of health professions can collaborate on actual patient cases using telehealth. A unique feature of this IPE experience is the inclusion of learners who are currently practicing as licensed healthcare providers (i.e., residents/fellows from PT, OT, and family medicine) as opposed to only pre-licensure learners, which is more common among IPE studies. The inclusion of practicing learners provides the opportunity to stimulate referral behaviors and generate highly salient consultation sessions with actual patients.

Primary outcomes of this study include identification of the benefits and barriers to conducting VIP consultations from both the patient and provider perspectives. Secondary outcomes include an exploration of changes to learners’ understanding of interprofessional roles and communication skills.

Defining Excellence in Residency Education: The Next Step in Demonstrating Value

The purpose of this study is to examine examples of excellence in physical therapy residency education to inform the development of best-practices and methods for demonstrating value to a variety of stakeholders.

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