Joshua Encarnacion, BHS

Clinical Research Coordinator

Josh Encarnacion completed his Bachelor of Science in Health (BHS)  with a minor in Health Education in 2013. That same year, he began a capstone internship with the Brooks Rehabilitation Neuro Recovery Center.

Josh then transitioned to a PRN technician role for Brooks Rehabilitation’s outpatient clinics in Jacksonville before securing a full-time position at Brooks Rehabilitation Inpatient Hospital – University Campus. In that role, he gained nine years of experience in spinal cord injury.  He then helped open Brooks’ newest inpatient hospital located in the Bartram area of Jacksonville, early 2022. As part of the inaugural team, he served as lead technician for the program.

In 2023, Josh joined the Brooks Clinical Research Center as a clinical research coordinator. His duties include a variety of complex activities involved in the collection, compilation, documentation and analysis of clinical research data for assigned protocols, as well as ensuring current and accurate reporting and tracking information is maintained for assigned studies.

Focus Areas

  • SCI Education and Training
  • Manual and Power WC Adjustment and Positioning

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