Tobii Eye Gaze I-15


How does the Tobii Eye Gaze I-15 work?

At Brooks, communication is key to our system of care. When possible and necessary, we’re proud to employ technologies like the Tobii Eye Gaze I-15 system. The I-15 is a highly advanced eye gaze system that allows these patients to communicate by tracking their eye motion across a computer screen to generate speech. It is also highly utilized for therapy during a patients stay to assist in speech and occupational therapy activities for our patients.

What conditions does the Tobii Eye Gaze I-15 help treat?

The Tobii Eye Gaze I-15 enables direct communication with patients who aren’t able to communicate verbally, either due to the level of their condition or functional ability. In the Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital, the Tobii Eye Gaze system helps nonverbal patients have an active stake in their care and comfort. If a patient benefits from the I-15 system in the hospital setting, the Brooks team is able to train patients and their caregivers on the home model to keep the conversation going once they move to outpatient therapy.

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