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Stand up, Sit down, Repeat. Improve your balance with this one simple movement.

Clinical Expertise

May 18, 2020

This blog post was written by one of our outpatient clinicians. All Brooks outpatient locations are currently open and we are also accepting telehealth appointments. Please call our Central Intake Unit at (904) 345-7277 (option 3) to schedule your telehealth visit.

Did you know that something you do everyday, multiple times a day (60 or more to be exact), can make your legs stronger and your balance better? Standing up and sitting down is a simple way to improve your mobility, leg strength and overall balance.

There are different variations of sit to stands that you can perform depending on your level of mobility, balance and strength. You can work with your physician and care team to determine which ones are best for you.

Complete two to three sets with eight to 15 reps in each set.

  1. Sit to stand with arm support using chair arm rests.
    Sit to stands with arm support on arm rests

  3. Sit to stand with arms on counter (or other flat sturdy surface) in front of you.
    Sit to stands with arms on counter in front of you

  5. Sit to stand with arms on thighs for support.
    Sit to stands with arms on thighs for support

  7. Sit to stand with arms crossed.
    Sit to stands with arms crossed

  9. Sit to stand with arms extended out in front of your chest.
    Sit to stands with arms extended out in front of you

  11. Sit to stand with feet on a pillow.
    Sit to stands with feet on pillow

  13. Sit to stand holding a hand weight or weighted ball.
    Sit to stands holding weight


    Sit to stands holding weighted ball


Please remember to consult your physician or physical therapist to determine which type, if any, are appropriate for you.


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